About Us

The launch of The Tan Base, a premium quality footwear brand, is an attempt to introduce the Indian woman to quality and trendy footwear at competitive pricing.

The brainchild of Geetanjalee Bahl, The Tan Base offers 100 per cent leather footwear for the quality-conscious and fashion-forward woman. We started in 2003 and targeted the Swedish market. Since then, our products have moved across Europe and are now available in India. Our designs and finish are internationally competitive and much superior to the selection available on the Indian market. Our collection is currently available on flipkart.com.

Who wears The Tan Base? We’re chosen by the woman who is modern, liberated and confident of her choices in life. She is well travelled, understands aesthetics, is aware of her own style and of ongoing fashion trends. She’s able to differentiate a premium quality product from an average one.

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